Game on.

So before I begin, I cannot express how sorry I am for it being so long since my last blog post.  A million things have happened since then!


So if you remember, I left off with an introduction to Dr. Mathews, our oncologist close to home.  So we met with him, and he did have a game plan.  We knew it was going to be hard.  Curtis would undergo chemotherapy treatments every other week for a few months.  They would consist of going to Clearview Cancer Institute (CCI), about an hour away, on Monday, getting hours of infusions, receiving a pump that would slowly pump a different chemo drug for the next 24 hours.  He would return on Tuesday, get more infusions there, refuel his pump, go home, and comeback again on Wednesday to have the pump removed and shots administered.  Like I said, this happened every other week for months.  At first, he did super well.  Hardly sick at all.  Towards the end it was hitting him a little harder, but he still fought like a champ, and with a smile.  Then we went to radiation treatments.  Ya’ll I will never forget the first time we met his radiologist.  The guy walks in, hardly older than us (32 if I remember correctly), and introduces himself to Curtis.  Curtis introduced himself, then me…as his attorney.  This young doctor broke nervous.  It was written all over his face.  He finally figured out differently when I nudged Curt hard enough.  Anyways, his main goal was to shrink the three main tumors.  So Curt would go to radiation every Monday-Friday for a total of 28 treatments over five and a half weeks.  Once again, he did awesome.  He had some skin burns, but overall, nothing too serious.  Then we started the chemo again for four ( I believe) treatments over eight weeks.   If my mind serves me correctly, Curtis only missed a couple of days of work from being sick.  Impressive doesn’t EVEN begin to describe this man.    Now here’s where I am going to be super honest.  During the midst of all of this, just about everyone we knew changed their attitudes towards us.  I mean that in a good way.  Really.  Everyone was consistently calling, texting, stopping by, ect. to check on Curt and if he needed anything.  I really cannot tell you how much that meant to him and our family.  It showed us love that we had never experienced from others.  With all of that being said, I became worried.  I was worried about his health anyway, but he started with such a fighting spirit of “I got this.  Ain’t nothing but a thang.” and I was worried with everyone consistently checking in, that his spirit would change.  So I didn’t baby him.  I cut him no slack.   I’m not saying I was mean or anything.  I just didn’t let him get away with “poor pitiful me” where others would.  (PLEASE understand, I am NOT saying everyone or anyone else was doing the wrong thing.  Everyone showed insane amounts of compassion.)  But it is like my life was suddenly turned upside down and I could “fight or flight”.  So I fought.  I fought for both of us.  I was a suck-it-up buttercup, we got to do what we got to do.  And some people started seeing that.  Not everyone was happy with it either.  I know from day one that Curtis knew I had his back.  That I would not leave or forsake him.  And looking back, that is all that matters.  To be continued…


Oh my stars.  Ya’ll the BIGGEST reason I have not written in weeks was for that summer class I was taking.  It straight-up kicked. my. butt.  Legit.   I have never done so much (school) work in such a small amount of time.  RIDICULOUS.  Every chapter had 50-75 questions that had to be answered from the book + a 20-30 question quiz that took hours + simulated labs that took hours. All of that was ONE chapter.  We did TWO chapters EVERY WEEK + the test! Except for the last test… because it was THREEEEEEE CHAPTERS!!!!!!!  The tests were timed for 5 hours.  I thought the professor was just being nice.  Nope.  The first test took me ALL. FIVE. HOURS.  My life was straight up CONSUMED!  Not to mention, that in the middle of those 4 weeks, I took a week long trip to the beach, another trip that was on my bucket list (which I CANNOT WAIT to write about), Maddox started Pre-K, and a few other crazy happenings.  I will say, so many of you have asked and commented to me about the blog and how it has been a blessing to you.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  Please keep the feedback coming.   It helps so much to know that this blog is helping someone!!!!

Remember: Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.




3 thoughts on “Game on.”

  1. Love your blog Kim & hearing your story. It’s truly inspirational. The love you & Curt had was so evident & my heart broke for you & Maddox when he passed. I’m so happy that you’re now happy again & continuing to live. Looking forward to your next post.


  2. I love your blog. I know things were hard for you and Curtis…..and I also know that y’all stuck together and fought together. Love you sweetie!


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