SO Yeah.  It’s been a million years since my last post.  Ok. I exaggerate.  Point being = I know it has been a while.  But anyone who knows me personally knows my life has DRASTICALLY changed in the past  months!  If you don’t…stay tuned.  It’s gonna get good!

Also this is  the point in the “story” that I’ve been dreading to write about.  Honestly, I’ve been avoiding it like the plague.  Frankly, I just haven’t figured out how to put it in words.  I’ve decided I really never will.  So here’s my computer-based chicken scratch…


So where were we?  Curt was diagnosed. (Check.) Started chemo. (Check.) Started radiation. (Check Check).  All was going according to plan…considering.  Curt finished up his last round of radiation.  He had some minor skin irritation, but overall a clean and easy run.  Then we started chemo again.  He did well, but it hit him a bit harder.  So in the beginning of December, Curt’s surgery to fully remove his colon and have a colostomy bag was scheduled at Vanderbilt.  His doctor (if you recall, we loved her!)  told us the surgery should last about 4-5 hours, but may take a little longer if she see’s fit.  So the surgery began…and 8 hours later we had not heard anything.  We. Were. A. Wreck.  Of course, a MILLION things had run through my mind at that point.  I just kept eyeballing the chapel door in the Vanderbilt waiting room, wondering at what point do I let everyone else around me know I had broke nervous…that I was about to lose it.  Finally, about the time I was about to hit the door, the lady at the front desk called my name for a phone call.  It was a nurse saying that Curt was out of surgery, it went well, and the doc would be out to talk to us shortly.   LORD, PRAISE JESUS!  When the doctor came out, she stated that there was a ridiculous amount of scar tissue built up in the pelvic region from radiation.  Because the procedure was done laparoscopically, it took a LOT longer than expected.  Finally, I got to go see him.  (For those of you who have heard this story, you know what’s coming.)

So I go up to recovery and he is in a room full of beds, separated by several pulled curtains, nurses running everywhere.  I see him and walk up to him, and I know I am sporting a smile as big as the Joker’s.  Mind you, the boy just woke up from being knocked out for the better part of 8 hours…he said, “Hello.  I’m Johnny Cash.” Ummm. ok? “Excuse me?”  His nurse, just tiredly looked at me and smiled.  She introduced herself as Sue, which got Curtis singing “A Boy named Sue”… (apparently) again.  I am so happy he’s good at this point I don’t even care.  Then it got better…. Sue left and unoccupied (for 5 seconds) Curt noticed the little old blue hair lady that was in the bed next to his.  There was a curtain pulled between them, but with both of their beds down, you could see her head.  She looked peaceful, which was a cue. Curt looked at her, let out the weirdest screech you’ve ever heard, then loudly whispered to me, “I’m a pterodactyl!” (the big winged dinosaur).  Her monitors started beeping faster..  I can’t even make this up.  Oh. My.  Why am I not videoing this!?!?!  This is priceless.  Then he passed out. In a split second. I’m terrified.  What happened!?!?  I’m looking for Sue!  Panic.  Curt opens his eyes and pops back up. “Wasn’t that good!?  Couldn’t I be on Grey’s Anatomy?”  I’m done.  D-U-N, done.  My nerves can’t take it.  Lol.  I leave so his parents can see him. We meet him in his room later on.  He is trying to convince his family he got plastic surgery to “enhance” a few things.  We are ROLLING.  Over all, it was a good way to end a very emotional day.


Ya’ll I plan on posting often this summer, and I will not leave you hanging like I did for so long.  The story has it’s ups and downs, no doubt.  But for the readers who don’t actually know me, yall.  God had a plan.  The whole time.  I really don’t understand why or how.  But he did. And you will read All about it!


Little Blessings:

So while we were waiting in the Vanderbilt waiting room, I see a familiar face walk through the front doors.  This face was that of a woman that my family had only met a few times while riding horses at one of our favorite camping spots about four hours from home.  I asked Mom, “Hey, isn’t that Angie!?”  She walked to the front desk where our name was called.  I met her there with a huge goody basket she had brought for us.  Now, there were several people who had given to us at that point, and we are so grateful for each and everyone that did.  I’m not writing those people off by any means!  But here stood a woman who had only met us a couple of times, that lived over an hour away from the hospital (if I remember correctly), bringing goodies to us.  Tell me God doesn’t put specific people in our lives on purpose!

Also I know we had a million calls and texts that day.  I was so grateful for each and every one of them.  If anything, they kept me occupied.  Brandi, you were one I remember talking to the most.  I just remember feeling calm when we texted.   I will be forever grateful for you!!!!!!


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