Happy Birthday!

Picking up where the last post “Surgery” ended:

We stayed in the Vanderbilt hospital for several days. No complications (that I can recall), just all of us getting used to Curt having an ostomy. But spirits were up, and all was well. After being released from Vanderbilt about a week later, Curt began to show his old true self. So much so that we left the hospital early afternoon, only to drive home, quickly change clothes, and arrive at his company Christmas party just in time. Oh, at the joyful (and shocked) faces. It was a night we both needed- smiling faces and everyone telling us how strong Curt was- a night of no uncertainty.

As the next few months went on, Curtis began chemo once again to “tie up loose ends” from the cancer standpoint… making sure we got it. The week of his 30th birthday Curtis took his last scheduled chemotherapy, and celebrated with a bang! I had arranged a “Surprise 30th birthday/ Kicked Cancer’s Butt” party at the local community center. So much of our family was there! His friends came. My friends came. We had DJ Dusty Dickey laying down the tracks. Man, it was a good time. (I thank everyone who came and made that night possible. I love you all!!!!!). The party ended and all was well… until it wasn’t.

Curtis woke me up early, like 3:00am, while a panicked smile, “Something isn’t right.” His ostomy bag had been hurting his side, and when he took it off, I knew something wasn’t right too. We drove to the local hospital’s ER and were immediately taken back. When he showed the nurse his stoma (the opening in his side) her eyes were big enough to make an emoji out of. She had no idea what to do. Neither did the doctors. They called other doctors to to ask them what to do. No one was really sure. They got in touch with his Vandy doctors who said to get him up there ASAP. (I remember seeing two medically inclined friends, Anna and Brandy, who just happened to be passing through the ER. Thank God for knowing when you need someone!) Anyways, he has put onto a helicopter and sent directly to Vanderbilt, and I left and went in my car. The doctor called me once the helicopter landed and they had a game plan… Curt’s stoma has prolapsed-practically his intestines were pushing through the opening- but it was an “easy” 30 minute surgical fix. And it was. He was almost done by the time I made it to Nashville. We spent a few more days up there to recuperate. And once again… all was well.

*Our inside joke being that Curt had to go to extremes to get to do something crazy-like ride in a helicopter- for his 30th birthday.

As always….to be continued!


P.S. I have ever intention to try to post more often. It’s my early NEW YEAR resolution. (People still do that right?)  So please share this blog.  I really want readers who are struggling with life to know they are not alone.  And that God ALWAYS has a plan!  Proof in future blogs 🙂

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